Dog fitness: treadmills, agility, and FitPAWS |

11 Feb

So mom finally found something that I won’t do for food! I won’t walk on a doggy treadmill. Even if there is a big plate of food enticing me along the way! We checked out the very cool doggy gym at the Hotel Pennsylvania this weekend. They had DogTread treadmills, a FitPAWS dog gym, and even an Affordable Agility area to practice agility! We have the “agility in a bag” set at home!

Treadmill: My doggy friends LOVED it! It was easy to use and could fold down for storage. The DogTread small unit is $799 and has a 2-year full warranty. This is pawfect for pups who need exercise and can’t get out for a walk. Unfortunately we are the small percentage of pups who don’t like to walk on treadmills. (Some humans don’t like treadmills either!)

FitPAWS: LOVED this! Doggy balancing balls and equipment helping us with our core strength. And a great bonding activity with our human.

Agility: Our favorite of the 3! We have both taken agility classes and this is so much fun! Mom loves it, too! We get to run and jump and zoom through tunnels. The Affordable Agility “agility in a bag” is a perfect starter pack for the beginner dog.

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