Meet Us

Midwest gal transfers to the big city. 

Midwest gal adopts two terriers.  Ginger – from Mount Vernon Shelter.  Cubby – from Animal Haven Shelter

And the rest is history! We live in New York City and have lots of fun!

Ginger’s Story

Cubby’s Story

Erika and her “furkids” love to support animal charities.  Cubby, who works for The Good Dog Foundation and A Fair Shake for Youth, visits facilities around the city each week with her mom spreading doggy love and kisses. Cubby and Ginger volunteer with Yorkie911 Rescue and love to support Animal Haven Shelter and other adoption organizations. Erika has a master’s degree in French and she has traveled around the world. She has lived in Seattle, Chicago, Washington, DC, Paris, Ohio, and New York City.

The threesome visited 25 States last year — from coast to coast.  Excited to see where their adventures lead them this year!


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