5 dog-friendly places to visit on Presidents’ Day | thepupdiary.com

17 Feb

Today we celebrate George Washington’s birthday! It’s also a day to celebrate and remember all presidents. Lucky for us, there are many dog-friendly places we can visit to learn about the presidents and the history of our country.

Washington, DC – We love to visit the DC area! We can frolic on the National Mall, take a dog-friendly river cruise, see the FDR Memorial up close, visit a winery, and so much more! Read the post on our recent trip to dog-friendly Washington, DC.

FDR Memorial

FDR Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery – Such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. Leashed pups are welcome to tour the grounds, too! See the final resting place for JFK.

Mount Vernon: A trip to the Washington, DC area would not be complete without a visit to George Washington’s Mount Vernon, 15 miles south of the city. Leashed dogs are welcome to tour the grounds during daytime visiting hours.

Monticello: Leashed dogs are welcome on Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello grounds, too!

Home of Franklin D Roosevelt: This is a beautiful area to visit about 90 miles north of NYC in Hyde Park. We toured the estate grounds including the beautiful rose gardens!

Mount Rushmore: Dogs are NOT allowed inside Mount Rushmore Memorial park. Leashed pups are welcome outside the park with a very distant view of the monument. We stopped at Mount Rushmore on a cross-country trip 2 years ago!

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