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Eat this and NOT that on Thanksgiving doggy friends | thepupdiary.com

23 Nov

Yes, mom will make us both a plate of food on Thanksgiving! We do eat dog food every day (Stella & Chewy’s!) . . . but we also get “human” food. It’s easy to safely feed your pup from the Thanksgiving feast. (Dogs should NOT eat these foods.) Here’s how we’ll do it:

We will eat some turkey meat.
We will NOT eat bones or skin.

We will eat some plain mashed potatoes.
We will NOT eat candied yams with loads of sugar.
We will NOT eat stuffing with onions.

We will eat plain non-fat yogurt with veggies on the side.
We will NOT eat onion dip.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

We will eat sliced apples.
We will NOT eat pumpkin pie.
We will NOT eat any chocolate desserts.

We will drink some Honest Kitchen Pro Bloom goat milk.
We will NOT drink any alcohol.

We will also have green beans, a small bit of corn, and some kale. Oh, and some rice, too.

You know what?! If mom also ate what we are eating she would probably lose some weight – BOL!!

Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!