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Campfire with Marshmallows dog toy | thepupdiary.com

29 May

Every once in a while we get a really cute doggy toy that mom lets us look at, but certainly not play with and destroy. (We are doggy toy chewers and shredders and can chew through a plush toy in a matter of minutes!) Mom says our new Martha Stewart Pets Campfire with Marshmallows dog toy is a keeper. PetSmart gave it to mom at the recent Blog Paws conference and it is just too cute to destroy.

The toy comes with two small removable marshmallow squeaky toys hidden inside the campfire. The campfire has crinkle fabric inside and the logs underneath are polyester fiber fill. I love to put my snout inside the campfire and pull out the marshmallows!

Where to purchase: PetSmart stores or online at PetSmart.com
Cost: $ 16.99
Bottom line: Extremely cute toy, but we can shred this in a matter of minutes (and mom says it is just too cute to destroy!)

Campfire w/Marshmallows dog toy