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50 shades of dog treats – which treats do we eat #SpotFarms | thepupdiary.com

21 May

Finally! It was just announced that Petco will stop selling dog and cat treats made in China by the end of the year. PetSmart followed suit and will stop selling China-made treats by March 2015. But why wait until the end of the year? And who is still buying treats made in China?! We know we aren’t!

Shopping for a pup can be overwhelming. In March we headed to Global Pet Expo and were a bit overwhelmed by all of the companies selling dog food and treats. We are loyal consumers when it comes to our food — Stella & Chewy’s and The Honest Kitchen — but we sure do like variety in our snacks! What’s a pup to do?!

Treat samples from Global Pet Expo

Treat samples from Global Pet Expo

Our friends at Spot Farms sent us a bag of human-grade, natural treats to try, and we are hooked! Below is what we look for in doggy treats — and how Spot Farms measured up to our high standards:

Made in the USA – The Spot Farms bag even shows the U.S. farm location! The Turkey Bacon that we tried comes from Indiana. We asked Spot Farms about ingredient sources and here is what they told us,  “ALL our ingredients listed are made right here in the USA, and are USDA inspected and sourced from trusted farm partners. Further, all of our treats are made here in FDA inspected kitchens that are certified for human food production.”
Human-grade ingredients  – We don’t want any animal byproducts in our food!  Spot Farms uses USDA inspected animals.
All natural – We don’t want to eat artificial preservatives or flavors! And Spot Farms does not use corn, wheat or soy fillers either. Their protein is antibiotic-free and raised on family farms.
Tastes good – Yummo!!!  We also like their variety and ease of use — the treats easily break into smaller pieces.
Easy to find – Spot Farms treats are sold in Petco, Unleashed by Petco and Wag.com. A 12.5 oz. bag is $15.99 on wag.com.

Our advice to you when you are confronted with 50 different treats — read the label! Let’s demand quality products!

Dog food. It’s what’s for dinner | thepupdiary.com

27 Sep

We consider ourselves fairly savvy when it comes to dog food. We are label readers and we certainly know what NOT to eat. Our go-to brands are Stella & Chewy’s and The Honest Kitchen.

Earlier this summer, By Nature® asked if they could send us some of their dog food to test and review. Before we replied, we did a little research.

By Nature Organics

By Nature Organics

First, we checked the brand on dogfoodadvisor.com website. The By Nature® Organics dry dog food got a 5-star rating – the top score.

Next, we checked out the label on the Organics Chicken formula they wanted to send. The first ingredients are organic chicken, chicken meal, organic oats, organic brown rice. (Chicken meal is a bit of a red flag for us because it could come from rendered chickens, which is really gross!) In general, the label was easy to read with quality ingredients. Also, it is made in the USA.

We replied to By Nature and told them we would accept the Organics Chicken dry dog food and try it. Mom likes to use kibble to train us since it’s easy to hand feed as a reward when we’re training. The By Nature won’t replace our Stella & Chewy’s, but we like the Organics food and it’s always good to add some variety to a doggy diet to help prevent allergies. Check the By Nature retail store locator for a retailer near you.

We just bought the new cookbook Home Cooking for Your Dog and we’re excited to try some of the recipes this fall. We met the author, Christine Filardi, at the recent #SitStayLove event at Anthropologie. We’ll let you know how that goes!

Book event for Home Cooking for Your Dog

Book event for Home Cooking for Your Dog