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Getting our kicks on Route 66 | thepupdiary.com

6 Aug

Like the song says, “If you ever plan to motor west . . . Get your kicks on Route 66!” So we knew we needed to check out part of the route while traveling through Arizona last month. Historic Route 66 signs were clearly marked along the Interstate and we decided to check out the route through Seligman, Arizona – the birthplace of Historic Route 66.

Signs leading us to Seligman, Arizona

Signs leading us to Seligman, Arizona

There were several “roadside attractions” along the mile of the road we followed. Seligman is a cute place to stop for a bite to eat if you are heading to the dog-friendly Grand Canyon, which is about a 2-hour drive north. We stopped for lunch at the outdoor patio of Delgadillo’s Snow Cap, which was built back in 1953. The burgers and shakes were yummy! We were welcome in many of the shops that lined the road. Too bad we weren’t allowed to check out the Roadkill Cafe — that would have been something to see!