No parking. Film shoot |

22 Mar

Living in New York City we get to see film crews and celebrities all the time. But it’s not as glamorous as it sounds! And especially if the shoot takes place in our neighborhood.

Filming on the streets of NYC

Filming on the streets of NYC

Huge 18-wheelers take up all of the parking spots. The trucks house the wardrobe, dressing rooms, supplies, food . . . Speaking of food, they set up tents with lots of carb-heavy snacks. There are smaller trucks with all of the lighting and camera equipment. Signs are posted everywhere. And once the shoot begins, they often block the sidewalk and make us take a different route. But the film industry does add jobs and money to the NYC economy. And we certainly like to watch TV and movies! Maybe one day they will ask us to walk by in a scene! Of course we would steal the show . . .

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