Wagging tails at the Wigglebutt Wedding | thepupdiary.com

10 Jul

There was lots of buzz leading up to the Wigglebutt Wedding, a “fun”draiser for Life’s Little Paws Cocker Spaniel Rescue held in Stratford, Connecticut the end of June. There were bridal fittings, cake tastings, special jeweled collar offerings, radio and TV appearances, PR releases, special Facebook pages . . . We have attended several doggy weddings where two pooches tie the knot and seal their relationship with a bark, a wag, and a butt sniff. But this Wigglebutt Wedding takes the (doggy) cake!

We have not even seen this much detail in many human weddings! (Not that two terriers are usually invited to human weddings – BOL!) From the Miniature-dogs-cats.com cake topper to the Bandit Rubio designed gown to the beautiful floral displays — Dexter and Zoe were some pampered pooches! And mom actually ate our Giggy Bites dog snacks!! Note to mom: don’t eat and drive! We had Bubba Rose doggy cake and Halo Pet treats – yum! The two doggy moms, Carol and Val, are busy planning another “fun”draiser for next year! Can’t wait to see what they have planned.

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