It’s Fashion Week! 7 fashion items every dog needs |

10 Sep

It’s fashion week in New York City! Runway shows, pawties, models, glitz and glam . . . we’ll attend the annual Celebrity Catwalk Paws & PJs fashion week pawty this weekend. (We sleep in our birthday suits by the way!)

The NYC fashion industry employs thousands of people and generates lots of money. For pets, the projected 2013 total U.S. spending is estimated at $55 billion ! Just think of all of the doggy loot we could buy with that money! Of course that number includes vet care, food, etc., but doggy clothing and accessory designing and manufacturing are still big business. SuperZoo had a special Rodeo Drive fashion-centric neighborhood at their recent show with hundreds of fashion items for Fido and Fluffy.

While you’ll never see us spend a lot of money on dog clothing, we do own a few unique pieces for special occasions. (We would rather spend our doggy allowance on trips and travel!) Besides a great leash, collar and harness, we do think every pup should have some basic items for comfort and safety.

7 Fashion Items Every Dog Needs

Doggy ID Tag/License
New York City is increasing their efforts to license all pups. It’s now possible to register your pup for a dog license at some upcoming events. And don’t go out without a simple dog tag with a phone number.

Life Jacket
If you’ll be in or near the water, all pups need a life jacket. Paws Aboard has some great options. Your local PetSmart and Petco usually carry life vests, too.

Life Jacket

Life Jacket

Reflective Gear
Whether it is on your leash, collar, or clothing — if you’ll be outside walking at night, make sure you have some type of reflective gear so people will be able to see you.

Cooling Jacket
We love the cooling coat we bought this year. MustLuvDogs is our favorite brand for this item. It not only has the best fit, it also offers the most coverage. The water-activated coat absorbs and retains water to provide instant cooling for your dog. And it works!!

Wearing a t-shirt and sunscreen

Wearing a t-shirt and sunscreen

Sun Protection
We burn and freckle just like humans do! If we will be out in the sun, we often wear a t-shirt and sun protection. Epi-Pet makes a great sunscreen for animals.

Winter Coat
Baby it’s cold outside in the winter! We like a basic coat that keeps us warm and dry. Orvis has a sporty option.

Protective shoes
If it snows in the city, there is sidewalk salt everywhere! Pawz Dog Boots are easy to use and inexpensive.

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