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Trends at Global Pet Expo |thepupdiary.com

22 Mar

When we were asked to model at this year’s Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida we were so excited! Global is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show with 1,000 exhibitors, 4 miles of show floor to walk, and thousands of new products. The American Pet Products Association estimates that overall spending in the pet industry for 2014 could reach over $58 billion!! That sure is a lot of kibble!

Modeling for BH Pet Gear

Modeling for BH Pet Gear

Although we’re not professional trend spotters, we did notice several trends that we think will continue to grow. And most of our favorite companies from SuperZoo last summer exhibited at the show, too!

Here’s what we noticed at Global Pet Expo!

Rescue and Giving Back
Adoptable pups, companies that give back, and toys with a mission were all superstars at Global! Adoptable pups were front and center at Global with Florida Little Dog Rescue showing dozens of cuties at the event. DOGSFOOD DOG for DOG took home Best in Show in the dog category in the new product showcase. For every product they sell, they donate to a dog in need. Furry & Fabulous toys donate proceeds to help autism and Alzheimer’s.

Wow! Some very cool pet products in this category! We love iCPooch! It is a video chat system where you can have a 2-way video chat with your pup and deliver dog treat! It retails for $149.99 and is Made in the USA. PetChatz is another “greet and treat” machine that allows you to remotely interact with your pup using a smartphone.The iQ StarWalk attaches to a collar and helps track exercise. It also has a nightlight and syncs with smart phones to track data. Voyce is another wearable technology for dogs. It monitors dog vital signs to help get a complete picture of how your pup is doing. PetAcoustics Pet Tunes was one of the coolest products at the show — a preloaded device with soothing pet music.

Car Safety
We have been attending trade shows for years and have never seen so many products to help keep pups safe while riding in the car. (We think that is great!) We follow the Center for Pet Safety’s reports to see what they recommend. PupSaver, a small dog car safety seat, conducted their own testing and is a great option for dogs under 25 lbs. One caveat — please add a removable cover so we can wash it! 4pets, a Swiss company, had some unique car safety products including a mounted “penthouse system” for small dogs.

Grain-free, Gluten-free, and Natural Foods
We knew once gluten-free foods hit mainstream human foods, the trend would spill over to pet food. Mom still has to sort through all of our food samples and brochures. Our advice — read the label and buy American! Don’t fall for gimmicks . . .

How many beds does a pup need?
Just when we thought we had enough beds, (I think we have 8 in various forms and sizes!) we saw new and different must-have beds at Global. From Alcott doggy sleeping bags, to scented futons, to leather loungers, to Molly Mutt duvets stuffed with mom’s laundry — what will designers think of next to help us get some rest. Don’t they know we sleep in mom’s bed – BOL! Big-name mattress brands like Sealy have doggy beds, too!

Calming, Health, and Comfort Products
We modeled the new BH Pet Gear CalmCoat and we think it works! The soft coat gives us a hug and makes us feel safe. ZenPet has several calming products including a spray made from essential oils. We love the idea of Earth’s Balance Pill Paste to hide the bitter taste of pills! The Green Pet Shop had cool pet pads that we must get for this summer!

We loved all of the interactive toys and games – our favorite trend!

Game time!

Game time!

Made in America Re-Tails and Sales Expo | thepupdiary.com

20 Feb

We were so excited to attend the Re-tails & Sales Pet Expo yesterday at Honda of Manhattan on the west side. The snow and rain were not going to keep us away from the 20 companies who came out to showcase their American crafted and sourced products. Is the “Made in America” seal important to dog owners and lovers?! We think so!! Especially when it comes to food, health products, and toys! We were thrilled to see the variety and quality of companies presenting at the event and will even add a few of the products to our routines. We also learned there is actually a kale treat for pups! And a doggy PetPlus prescription program! Who knew?!

Four made in the USA pet products we will be adding to our daily routine: Pet Portables small first aid kit handy ego carrier, Primal Pet Foods freeze-dried dinners, Dr. Emmo’s Ear Rinse, and Bessie Barnie reflective harnesses. Mom was also very interested in the escape-proof Harness Lead, but it is made for larger pups (14 lbs and up).

Three made in the USA products we would like to try: Fresh and Fluffy dry shampoo – it actually comes in a powdered form, Groovy Gravy flavor boost, and Earth Animal oral hygiene products. Their natural flea and tick treatments look interesting, too!

Sponsored by Long Island Pet Professionals, Whitegate PR, and Pet Age, the event featured made-in-America products that are must-haves for every pet household. We can’t wait to try some of the samples we received and let you know how they work!

If Life is Grruff is in the hood, the room will smell delish!! They are huge supporters of animal rescue and events and we love their all-natural treats! Small pups can be finicky eaters and we give them a paws ups! They had a large display of yummy treats! Every doggy store should have some pretty, tasty, and natural treats for pups!

Life is Grruff

Life is Grruff

CritterZone works. Period. Read our review on this air naturalizer — a must have for every pet household.

If you’re looking for a gift for a doggy mom who has everything . . . check out jewelry by Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff and Zelda’s Song. Both companies make beautiful and custom jewelry!

Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff

Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff

It’s Fashion Week! 7 fashion items every dog needs | thepupdiary.com

10 Sep

It’s fashion week in New York City! Runway shows, pawties, models, glitz and glam . . . we’ll attend the annual Celebrity Catwalk Paws & PJs fashion week pawty this weekend. (We sleep in our birthday suits by the way!)

The NYC fashion industry employs thousands of people and generates lots of money. For pets, the projected 2013 total U.S. spending is estimated at $55 billion ! Just think of all of the doggy loot we could buy with that money! Of course that number includes vet care, food, etc., but doggy clothing and accessory designing and manufacturing are still big business. SuperZoo had a special Rodeo Drive fashion-centric neighborhood at their recent show with hundreds of fashion items for Fido and Fluffy.

While you’ll never see us spend a lot of money on dog clothing, we do own a few unique pieces for special occasions. (We would rather spend our doggy allowance on trips and travel!) Besides a great leash, collar and harness, we do think every pup should have some basic items for comfort and safety.

7 Fashion Items Every Dog Needs

Doggy ID Tag/License
New York City is increasing their efforts to license all pups. It’s now possible to register your pup for a dog license at some upcoming events. And don’t go out without a simple dog tag with a phone number.

Life Jacket
If you’ll be in or near the water, all pups need a life jacket. Paws Aboard has some great options. Your local PetSmart and Petco usually carry life vests, too.

Life Jacket

Life Jacket

Reflective Gear
Whether it is on your leash, collar, or clothing — if you’ll be outside walking at night, make sure you have some type of reflective gear so people will be able to see you.

Cooling Jacket
We love the cooling coat we bought this year. MustLuvDogs is our favorite brand for this item. It not only has the best fit, it also offers the most coverage. The water-activated coat absorbs and retains water to provide instant cooling for your dog. And it works!!

Wearing a t-shirt and sunscreen

Wearing a t-shirt and sunscreen

Sun Protection
We burn and freckle just like humans do! If we will be out in the sun, we often wear a t-shirt and sun protection. Epi-Pet makes a great sunscreen for animals.

Winter Coat
Baby it’s cold outside in the winter! We like a basic coat that keeps us warm and dry. Orvis has a sporty option.

Protective shoes
If it snows in the city, there is sidewalk salt everywhere! Pawz Dog Boots are easy to use and inexpensive.

SuperZoo turned us on to these 10 pet products | thepupdiary.com

2 Sep

We love pet industry trade shows! We get to check out new and innovative products to see what we’re missing in our daily doggy routine. We’re always on the lookout for products and tips that can make our lives easier and more fun!

Earlier this summer we headed to Las Vegas for the annual SuperZoo show where we checked out over 1,000 pet products in the comfort of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

SuperZoo turned us on to these 10 pet products:

Finding Rover
This is one cool app that we all need! Finding Rover uses facial recognition technology to help lost dogs get home. We simply snap photos of lost and found dogs and the app matches them up. Of course it will only work if the photos are registered in their system. Get the free app here.

Out of over 800 new products this year at SuperZoo, the iFetch won Best New Product. iFetch takes an old game – playing fetch – and makes it better. The interactive toy allows pups to play fetch on their own at any time. Pups activate the toy by dropping a ball into the funnel and a few seconds later the ball shoots out the other end up to 30 feet. The iFetch should be available for purchase the end of the year.

Push Pushi Rain Coat with detachable hood

Push Pushi Rain Coat with detachable hood

Push Pushi Rain Coat
Finally! A doggy rain coat with a hat that actually keeps our faces dry! The unique detachable hood will make walkies much more pleasant on rainy days. The Push Pushi coats retail for $39.95 and can be custom ordered for specific sizing.

Scaredy Cut
We are excited to try the Scaredy Cut clippers we got at SuperZoo! The simple and silent scissors should make grooming much easier for us and also help us to save money! With less money spent on professional grooming, we will have more money for treats! Stay tuned for our Scaredy Cut grooming review!

Bistro Bites
We are always looking for tiny treats that are great for training sessions and easy on the waist line. Bistro Bites, made specially for small pups, are the pawfect size. They’re hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients and grain, preservative, and gluten-free. They’re made in the USA and come in a variety of great flavors. They retail for around $7.

Bistro Bites are small treats for small dogs

Bistro Bites are small treats for small dogs

Pet Party Printz
Pet Party Printz must know that sometimes it’s more fun to play with the packaging than the actual gift! They make non-toxic and tape free gift wrap that allows pups to unwrap their own gifts. Doggy birthday parties are everywhere these days, so this product will come in handy! The wrapping paper comes in cute doggy themes and retails for under $5.

YAP Sport Backpack
We bought the YAP Sport backpack at SuperZoo and still use it today. It’s light weight and easy to use. We love it!

YAP Sport Backpack

YAP Sport Backpack

Gen7Pets Strollers
We finally found a doggy stroller company with great attention to detail and innovative designs. The executives at Gen7Pets use “smart-features” to build a better stroller. And it helps that some of the executives have experience in the baby stroller world! We want the G7 Jogger which will be ready for shipment this fall.

Pawz SafeSpot Locking Leash
Mom is never going to leave us tied up outside of a store. (And we cringe when we see other folks do this! Especially since approximately 2 million dogs are stolen every year . . .) But we do think the SafeSpot Locking Leash is a great product to use in certain situations. The fully adjustable collar and lead have a steel cable reinforced core that can be securely locked to an immovable object when necessary. We also love the Pawz dog boots!!

No more doggy treat crumbs in mom’s pockets, purse, stroller basket . . . instead she’ll carry the leanlix lickable treat. What looks like a lip balm is actually a low-calorie and easy to use doggy treat. leanlix products are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients and retail for around $12.

Celebrity Catwalk Paws in the City at The Salty Paw | thepupdiary.com

13 May

Although it was raining cats and dogs Saturday afternoon, we ventured out and headed down to the new Salty Paw boutique at the end of Pier 17 at the Seaport. (Read The Salty Paw’s Super Storm Sandy story here.) Celebrity Catwalk was hosting an event to promote their upcoming Paws in the City fashion show, which will take place on June 1 at Calumet Gallery. Fashion designers from around the globe are busy putting the finishing touches on their outfits that will be worn by over a dozen furry fashionista doggy models. Yes, we are modeling in this one! You don’t want to miss this fun event so get your tickets soon!

The Salty Paw

The Salty Paw

We absolutely love The Salty Paw’s new summer home at the end of the Pier! (This will be one of our fave summer hangouts!) Not only do they carry the most fun and practical doggy items (they have one of the best selections of local doggy treats in the area), they also have a wonderful water view, a friendly staff, and creative groomers! If you are looking to add a touch of color to your doggy fur coat, this is the place to come! Oh and did we mention that they have treat SAMPLES all around the boutique. YUM!! Celebrity Catwalk had goody bags for everyone with Wahl dog shampoo and other items. (Mom loved the Reena Treats cupcakes!)

Shopping for treats

Shopping for treats

The Salty Paw’s summer location: 89 South Street, the end of Pier 17 at the Seaport – walk outside to the end of the Pier and you will see their signs! The East River Ferry allows small dogs in bags and is a convenient way to visit the area.

And don’t forget to visit Celebrity Catwalk for tickets and upcoming event information!