The breeds are coming! The breeds are coming |

27 Sep

We are assuming that most people have a favorite dog (or cat) breed. (The International Cat Association recognizes 55 cat breeds. Who knew?!) Mom likes scruffy terriers and terrier mixes. We’re both from shelters and you can definitely see the “terrier” in us! WNYC mapped the most popular NYC dog breeds using dog license information.

The annual Meet the Breeds is coming to the Jacob Javits Center in NYC this weekend. This is a great opportunity to learn about the characteristics of different breeds and check out over 100 vendors offering some cool products. Although you may never get your pup from a breeder, it’s still important to know how breeds are different before you adopt your pup. Terrier mixes can be active pups with lots of energy and a need for stimulation. They aren’t couch potato dogs. Most importantly, find the breed/mix that goes well with your lifestyle!

We’re excited to see the over-the-top booth decorations! Most dog breed booths are decorated to fit the theme of their country of origin or a pop culture reference. Of course, the Cairn terrier will usually have a cute Wizard of Oz theme!

If you love dogs, are thinking about getting a dog, or just want to have a fun afternoon, head to Meet the Breeds this weekend.  And we recommend going early because it gets very crowded!  Last year over 35,000 people attended the event . . .

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