I was born in a puppy mill | thepupdiary.com

20 Oct

I was born on a farm in rural Virginia. My mom lived in a tiny cage and she was bred over and over again. A trainer once told me that the Westie was bred right out of me! I don’t even think my mom ever touched grass on the farm. Or looked at the sky. Or played with other pups. She had one purpose in life: have litter after litter of puppies that would be sold in pet stores around the nation.


My human mom says I was born at just the right time because a rescue mission was in the works. A group of undercover rescue workers came to the farm and documented the way the dogs were treated. More rescue groups got involved and came in and took us to shelters where we could find homes with loving people. I was brought to Animal Haven Shelter in NYC where my human mom found me. My brothers and sisters found homes, too. And my canine mom could finally be a dog in her new home! I am a tiny gal at just over 10 lbs. My Westie sister was tiny, too and she had lots of medical problems with expensive surgeries. I shudder to think what would have happened to her at the farm . . .

People have told my human mom that I don’t “count” as a rescue because I am small and cute and white . . . It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month! Head to your local shelter and you can find a pup as cute as I am!  Well, almost!  Aroooooo!

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