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I’m a therapy dog |

19 Nov

There have been so many articles recently regarding service dogs and emotional support dogs. It seems many people are faking credentials and many others are not exactly sure about the difference between therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support dogs. Over the weekend, The New York Times posted an article on emotional support dogs on planes and over 600 people commented on the article — and some not so nicely!

I'm a therapy dog

I’m a therapy dog

I am a therapy dog. I provide therapy, support, and comfort to people who do not live with me. My mom takes me to facilities so that others can benefit from my unconditional love. I do not have any legally protected status. I have to pay to ride the airplane under my mom’s seat and I have to obey all other transportation rules that apply to dogs. The Good Dog Foundation has certified me as a therapy dog so I am able to visit their partner facilities. I have to be recertified by Good Dog every year in order to work for them. I also work for A Fair Shake for Youth.

I am not a service dog: A service dog serves its handler around the clock. The dog’s handler must have a disability diagnosed by a doctor, and the dog must be able to perform an identifiable task for the handler that allows the handler to more fully participate in society. Service dogs are legally protected to accompany the person they serve in many types of transportation and establishments under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I am not an emotional support dog (although mom likes to say I give good therapy to her!): An emotional support animal assists its handler without any special training or identifiable task. The handler must have a documented disability with a prescription for an emotional support animal from a mental health or medical professional. Emotional support animals have very limited legal protection, such as on air transportation with medical documentation and in permanent housing cases in NYC.

I was dumped at a shelter |

21 Oct

The man dropped me off at a shelter in the suburbs. He said he didn’t want me anymore because I couldn’t be trained. I was peeing on his carpet and he didn’t like that . . . He didn’t even bother to walk me or have me on a schedule! How was I supposed to know when and where to pee?! I really did love the little girl in the house, but the man said I had to go.

Ginger relaxing in the sun

Ginger relaxing in the sun

I was passed around a bit in the shelter system and then came to live with my human mom. I still remember the first day I saw my mom. I came into her apartment and peed on her rug! I had a crate, a bag of icky dog food, a collar, and a leash. We walked over to the neighborhood dog store and bought a harness and some good food. My mom was a newbie and thought I would sleep in my crate. NOT! I was in her bed within two minutes of my whimpering. I have her wrapped around my paws!

So I’m not perfect. But who really is?! I bark at all kinds of people and things. I am the best barker around! One thing is certain – I am potty trained! Well, two things are certain. I am potty trained and I have the best human mom in the world! I follow her everywhere. I am her shadow.

It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month! You can find a pup just like me at your local shelter!

I was born in a puppy mill |

20 Oct

I was born on a farm in rural Virginia. My mom lived in a tiny cage and she was bred over and over again. A trainer once told me that the Westie was bred right out of me! I don’t even think my mom ever touched grass on the farm. Or looked at the sky. Or played with other pups. She had one purpose in life: have litter after litter of puppies that would be sold in pet stores around the nation.


My human mom says I was born at just the right time because a rescue mission was in the works. A group of undercover rescue workers came to the farm and documented the way the dogs were treated. More rescue groups got involved and came in and took us to shelters where we could find homes with loving people. I was brought to Animal Haven Shelter in NYC where my human mom found me. My brothers and sisters found homes, too. And my canine mom could finally be a dog in her new home! I am a tiny gal at just over 10 lbs. My Westie sister was tiny, too and she had lots of medical problems with expensive surgeries. I shudder to think what would have happened to her at the farm . . .

People have told my human mom that I don’t “count” as a rescue because I am small and cute and white . . . It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month! Head to your local shelter and you can find a pup as cute as I am!  Well, almost!  Aroooooo!

Dear Diary. It’s me, Cubby |

15 Mar

We made a short video for the Dog of Hamann – Canine Lifestyle Fashion Award nominations. We had to summarize what we do in less than three minutes. That was ruff since we are always so active and on the go! Of course, mom left lots of important information out of the final version! But we did have fun going through photos and putting it together. 

Dear diary. It’s me, Cubby |

22 Feb

Hello world!  I’m a SWD (single white dog) who likes to have fun.  My mom started this blog so my big sis and I could share our antics, our adventures, and our (BOL) wisdom.  We like to live each day to the fullest.  We make a pawfect family unit.  Well except for our bratty “sister” Cubby Junior who gets to attend events when dogs are not invited.  Luckily that is not very often! 


We had a bit of a scare today when we saw that The Honest Kitchen recalled some of its food.  Luckily it was not the variety that we eat, but I still worry about that.  Eating food, after all, is one of my favorite pastimes.  My mom better get busy with her homemade treat baking!

My visit with A Fair Shake for Youth was canceled this week due to school vacation.  I love visiting with the kids and I love being part of an animal-assisted therapy team!  Last night we had a committee meeting for The Good Dog Foundation’s “A Fetching Affair” gala.  We met at a beautiful townhouse on the upper east side. The May 30 event is coming together nicely and should be pawsome.  Lots of fun surprises in store!  After the meeting, mom headed to a fundraiser for Rescuzilla animal rescue.  The event was held at a bar called The CubbyHole and I was not even invited.  Grrrrr!  I heard there was a good crowd including the lovely Jennifer Celebrity Catwalk (psst – she is looking for doggy models for her Paws in the City fashion show on June 1) and Josh and Jennifer from That Touch of Pit.  Mom is off to another human-only event this evening to support Animal Care & Control – K9Cupid.  At least she usually wins something for us in raffle prizes.  Last night she won a beautiful custom embroidered item from MonkeyandSquirrel.  I hope tonight she wins some food!  Or some toys I can destroy!

We have a super busy weekend planned with the Canine Couture Fashion Show, an Oscar party, and playdates with friends.  We hope your pup diary is filled with great plans, too!

Cubby kisses to all!