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21 Oct

The man dropped me off at a shelter in the suburbs. He said he didn’t want me anymore because I couldn’t be trained. I was peeing on his carpet and he didn’t like that . . . He didn’t even bother to walk me or have me on a schedule! How was I supposed to know when and where to pee?! I really did love the little girl in the house, but the man said I had to go.

Ginger relaxing in the sun

Ginger relaxing in the sun

I was passed around a bit in the shelter system and then came to live with my human mom. I still remember the first day I saw my mom. I came into her apartment and peed on her rug! I had a crate, a bag of icky dog food, a collar, and a leash. We walked over to the neighborhood dog store and bought a harness and some good food. My mom was a newbie and thought I would sleep in my crate. NOT! I was in her bed within two minutes of my whimpering. I have her wrapped around my paws!

So I’m not perfect. But who really is?! I bark at all kinds of people and things. I am the best barker around! One thing is certain – I am potty trained! Well, two things are certain. I am potty trained and I have the best human mom in the world! I follow her everywhere. I am her shadow.

It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month! You can find a pup just like me at your local shelter!

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