It’s my birthday. Let me eat burgers |

21 Oct

Burger, burger, burger – yum! I love burgers! And mom said I can get a burger every night of my birthday week if I share it with my sister! Luckily there are several restaurants in New York City where I can have my burger and eat it, too! Here are eight spots where spot is welcome! Can’t wait to see where we go tonight!

Picnic tables on the river at SuperPier

Picnic tables on the river at SuperPier

Pier I Cafe – West 70th Street in Riverside Park

SuperPier – Hudson River at 15th Street

Mad. Sq. Eats – or another outdoor seasonal festival

The Shake Shack – outdoor locations around the city

Grand Central Terminal – downstairs food court

Boat Basin Cafe – Riverside Park at 79th Street

P.D. O’Hurley’s – Hudson River at 44th Street – Pier 84 (and other locations along the Hudson River)

Ballfield’s Cafe – Central Park

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