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8 Apr

We are lucky pups! We get to see the beautiful (and very funny) Beth Stern all around town at animal charity events and gatherings.  Beth is an animal advocate and spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America.  She is also an author and wife to Howard Stern.  Her new “pet” project, Spoiled Rotten Pets on National Geographic, follows pet parents and their pampered pets on their adventures.  Our New York Pup Scout troop stars in the very first episode airing on April 20.   We can’t wait to see our doggy friends on the show!  (Of course, Ginger has a speaking role!)  Set your DVR for 9:00 pm ET on Saturday, April 20.  We’ll be watching the show from a special red carpet Pup Scout doggy party!

Pup Scouts Spoiled Rotten Pets preview video

Beth Stern with Cubby

Beth Stern with Cubby


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  1. Doris Rush April 9, 2013 at 12:22 am #

    Hi ! Nice to meet you. My boyfriend is a fan of Howard’ Have a nice nite.

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