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Dog party with a purpose | thepupdiary.com

13 Feb

What do you get when you cross some Pup Scouts with a Puccini? A fun dog-friendly party raising over $1,300 for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals! Puccini, a Maltipoo on a mission, decided to dedicate his 6th birthday party to one of his favorite causes – homeless animals. He enlisted his Pup Scout doggy friends to help out by donating their time and talents to the cause.

Puccini’s party kicked off Pet Fashion Week and pups from around the nation came to wish him a pawsome year. Held at Honda of Manhattan on the west side, party goers enjoyed food, drinks, doggy treats, a silent auction, games, and photo opps. Dawn Deisler made an amazing doggy portrait cake!

Fun on set of Good Morning America | thepupdiary.com

24 Apr

Living in New York City, we get to do some pretty fun, exciting, and “different” things. We are surrounded by beautiful parks and water. We have dozens and dozens of dog-friendly shops to explore. We also have amazing media opportunities including popular morning TV shows!

Pup Scouts on Good Morning America

Pup Scouts on Good Morning America

Last week, the New York Pup Scout troop was invited to be featured on Good Morning America in Times Square! We had to arrive in the green room very early in the morning. Everyone on set was so nice and seemed to genuinely like doggies. Even celebrity guests like Billy Ray Cyrus came over to say hello to all of us! (Zac Efron on the other hand . . . BOL!) Our on-air time was cut short due to important national news. But we still had fun promoting Beth Stern’s new show, Spoiled Rotten Pets.

The life of a New York doggy . . . what fun opportunities will come next?!

(Here is more about our troop leader, Tasha Bella the Manhattan Morkie.)

Wordless Wednesday | thepupdiary.com

24 Apr

Let’s go surfing now!

Surfing on the set of GMA

Surfing on the set of GMA

Dogs of New York – Tasha Bella the Manhattan Morkie | thepupdiary.com

19 Apr

We are excited to interview and profile Dogs of New York! Our first post featured New York’s Adoptable Dogs. Today we would like to interview our doggy friend and television star, Tasha Bella the Manhattan Morkie! She is on Twitter @ManhattanMorkie and she also has a Facebook page.  Tasha and her mom, Susan, star on the debut episode of Nat Geo Wild’s Spoiled Rotten Pets with Beth Stern this Saturday, April 20 at 9 pm.

Introducing Tasha Bella!!

Tasha Bella Photo Credit: Susan Godwin

Tasha Bella
Photo Credit: Susan Godwin

Q. How did you get your name?
A. My real name is Natasha but my friends call me Tasha, for short. I am named after one of my Mom’s favorite actresses, Natalie Wood – whose real name is Natasha Gurdin.

What neighborhood do you call home?
I live in Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood of Manhattan – that actually makes me neighbors with Cubby and Ginger!!

Favorite dog-friendly NYC spot?
My favorite dog-friendly NYC spot is definitely Shake Shack!! They have yummy hamburgers that Mom shares with me – and we have a lot of Pup Scout meetings there, so it’s always a fun time! Tribeca Grand Lounge is a very chic place to go, too.

Favorite day trip from NYC?
I actually haven’t been out of NY that much, unless it’s far away, I’ve been on lots of planes – but a day trip, hmmmm, does Brooklyn count? I love Coney Island – they have the best hot dogs!

Do you have any pet peeves?
Oh yes – my pet peeve is being forced to ride in a car!! I hate cars! I pant and shake the entire ride! But what Mom thinks is funny is that I love the subway and buses! BOL I guess I’m just a city girl at heart!

Human peeves?
When humans use that vacuum thing – that’s the only time you’ll hear me bark! I hate vacuums!!

What do you like to eat?
I eat Artemis dry food and Stella & Chewy’s and Natural Balance – but I REALLY like to eat turkey and vanilla ice cream!!!!!!

If you could break bread with any doggy (past or present) who would that be?
I would love to break bread with Freeway, from “Hart to Hart” – Mom watches the DVDs of that show and Freeway is one cool dude!

Any famous humans you would like to meet?
I’ve been pretty lucky with meeting some great actresses, because my Mom is in the business. She’s introduced me to dog loving, Broadway legends Chita Rivera and Bernadette Peters and wonderful actress, Valerie Harper – who is the person who told Mom, years ago, that she should get a dog, so she got me!

Tasha is a Pup Scout Photo Credit:  Susan Godwin

Tasha is a Pup Scout
Photo Credit: Susan Godwin

Birthday suit or dressed to the K-nines?
Dressed to the K-nines of course!! I wouldn’t feel right walking around naked! BOL

Designer duds or off the rack?
Designer Duds!! I started with off the rack, as a puppy – but once you start with designer duds, there’s no going back!

Favorite doggy charity?
I love Yorkie 911 Rescue, not just because I’m half Yorkie, they help lots of doggies besides Yorkies.
I also like Celebrity Catwalk and Broadway Barks! Too hard to pick just one Favorite doggy charity.

What is one thing other pups probably don’t know about you?
That I’m engaged!! BOL Just kidding – everyone knows that already! BOL
But maybe they didn’t know that my real name is Natasha. Or that I have a stroller that I’ve never used! (Maybe this will shame Mom into using it!)

Upcoming summer plans?
OMD, so many plans! After Blog Paws, we have ZZ and Pebbles Disco Party, then Yorkie 911 Fundraiser, then Dexter and Zoes wedding in CT – then I want to visit Gramma & Grampa in NH – I am going to be one busy doggie this summer!

Any new doggy products you can recommend?
We just found Dawn Diesler’s new line of dog carriers, Bespoke Canine!! They are so lightweight and pretty – and the best part is the inter-changeable handles, to match ALL our outfits! So cool!

Thank you so much, Tasha, for being a great doggy to interview!!  We will watch you on Spoiled Rotten Pets this Saturday, April 20 at 9 pm!!

We’re Pup Scouts and you can be one, too | thepupdiary.com

13 Apr

Pup Scouts rule!  BOL!  We are members of Pup Scout Troop 4 through DPFamily.  This is the NYC Chapter and has over 20 members and growing.  There are other chapters around the country.  We get together for doggy fun and community service.  We also wear really cool uniforms and earn badges!  We have the green “Girl Scout” uniforms since green is one of our fave colors.  A lot of our doggy friends wear the tan “Brownie” color.  While out and about today we stumbled upon a Scout retail shop on West 37th Street.  Mom took us in to check out the cool camping gear and badges.  We would love to earn all of those badges . . . so we need to get busy!

Our Pup Scout Uniforms

Our Pup Scout Uniforms

Scout Store in Manhattan

Scout Store in Manhattan

How to join the Pup Scouts:  Send an email to membership@dpfamily.org and include a photo of you the dog, your name , where you live, and who you know on DPFamily. (The dog’s typist must be at least 18 years old.)

Where you can see the Pup Scouts:  The Pup Scouts will star on the upcoming Spoiled Rotten Pets show with Beth Stern on April 20 at 9 pm on Nat Geo Wild.  They will walk in the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life in Riverside Park on May 5.  All are welcome to join their team!