Fun on set of Good Morning America |

24 Apr

Living in New York City, we get to do some pretty fun, exciting, and “different” things. We are surrounded by beautiful parks and water. We have dozens and dozens of dog-friendly shops to explore. We also have amazing media opportunities including popular morning TV shows!

Pup Scouts on Good Morning America

Pup Scouts on Good Morning America

Last week, the New York Pup Scout troop was invited to be featured on Good Morning America in Times Square! We had to arrive in the green room very early in the morning. Everyone on set was so nice and seemed to genuinely like doggies. Even celebrity guests like Billy Ray Cyrus came over to say hello to all of us! (Zac Efron on the other hand . . . BOL!) Our on-air time was cut short due to important national news. But we still had fun promoting Beth Stern’s new show, Spoiled Rotten Pets.

The life of a New York doggy . . . what fun opportunities will come next?!

(Here is more about our troop leader, Tasha Bella the Manhattan Morkie.)

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