City Dog Expert features NYC dog-friendly homes |

9 Jul

When City Dog Expert asked to showcase our New York City dog-friendly apartment in her feature “Boudoir Interview” series, we said sure! You’ll never see our small lair in House Beautiful, but we do try to make good use of space. And it’s fun to see how other doggies live in the big city! From Park Avenue pups to Brooklyn barkers to canines in Queens — doggy living quarters can be as diverse as all of the different breeds, but there are usually a few things in common. The need for space, storage, and more space!

Container Store door storage

Container Store door storage

A few of our tips:

-We use Container Store Elfa door storage racks to keep our doggy “stuff” in one area of the apartment
-We buy gently used furniture items from The Salvation Army (West 46th Street between 10th and 11th Aves) . . . they always have a great selection at low prices
-We donate all of our unused doggy items to Rock & Rawhide — they have drop boxes at local Petco stores
-We keep a Critter Zone air purifier going to cut down on odors
-We follow the “rule” when one item comes into the house, one item must leave the house . . .

A big thanks to City Dog Expert for interviewing us!

Window to the World

Window to the World

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