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9 Apr

Tartan Day Parade 2014! West Highland White terriers march!

NYC Tartan Day Parade | thepupdiary.com

8 Apr

Westies, Scotties, and ponies — oh my!! Just under 100 cute terriers marched in NYC’s annual Tartan Day Parade this year on Saturday afternoon. We met along West 44th Street to greet the other doggies, listen to the bands practice, and ooh and aah over cute pups dressed in Highland kilts. We even met the famous “sweater” ponies who are promoting Scottish tourism. The Shetland ponies were so cute and so calm. Especially with dozens of yapping terriers all around them! The marching kicked off around 2 pm. We headed north on Sixth Avenue up to Central Park. Most of our friends had a doggy lunch date in the park. Mom had to get us home early for another event . . . Our pup diary is always full! 

New York Tartan Day Parade

New York Tartan Day Parade

Shetland Ponies "Sweater" Ponies

Shetland Ponies “Sweater” Ponies