Meet Fashion Institute of Technology pet product designers |

11 Apr

Pet News Now hosted their Home & Garden Pet Product Showcase yesterday at the Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington Avenue in East Midtown.  We got some great product samples that we will check out and review in the next coming week.  We also met the creators of the CritterZone Air Purifier.  Pretty cool since we had previously written a product review and like the product! 

We love to support up-and-coming designers, so we were thrilled to meet some of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Pet Product Design and Marketing students and graduates!

Check out this cute Statue of Liberty doggy sweatshirt and coordinating toy from Les Pets en Voyage! Abby Kass designs New York-themed clothing and toys for pets and the people who love them.  The Statue of Liberty shirt will be available later this spring at around $60.

New from Les Pets en Voyage

New from Les Pets en Voyage

We have a hard time finding nice leather leashes in fashionable colors.  Enter Bespoke Canine and their gorgeous carriers, collars, leashes, and clothing.  Love them!  The leashes have interchangeable handles and tassels.  Dawn works in fashion and knows her way around luxury materials and fabulous design.  Custom orders are also accepted. 

Bespoke Canine leashes

Bespoke Canine leashes

Designer Cheryl Jackson of Pink Diamond Paws is launching male and female doggy designs later this year.  She offers cute male outfits, which are often hard to find.  The matchy matchy male/female ensembles are fun.

Pink Diamond Paws

Pink Diamond Paws

We are buying the Stella & Me matching doggy coats and human vests!  Love them!  They are not only cute, but very practical!  The set is $110 and is made in America.

Stella & Me

Stella & Me

Very cute Asian-themed Polydactyl cat toys.  We asked if doggy toys would be launched soon?  We shall see! 

Cat Toys

Cat Toys

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  1. Lourdes April 11, 2013 at 10:37 pm #

    cool…sorry I missed

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