CNNMoney and our tax refund |

12 Apr

CNNMoney wanted to know how we’ll spend our tax refund this year.  They interviewed us a few weeks ago and published the article today ‘How I’m Spending My Tax Refund’.  The title they gave us – Spoiling her dogs – was a bit funny to us.  (Even though we will be co-starring on Spoiled Rotten Pets on Saturday, April 20!)

We are using just about every penny of the money on doggie “stuff”.  Teeth cleaning – about $600 per dog.  Therapy dog certification renewal and annual Gala – $350.  Petplan annual health insurance for two pups – about $1,000.  Trip to Glen Highland Farm doggy rescue camp – $500.  Trip to Wigglebutt Wedding supporting rescue dogs – $300.  So, I guess we are spoiled in some way!  Especially considering some doggies don’t even have warm beds and good food . . . 

Spoiled Dogs

Spoiled Dogs

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