New York dogs – your perfect weekend |

12 Apr

What makes a perfect doggy weekend in New York City?  We think it includes fun, philanthropy, food, and frolicking!  Our Pup Diary of events includes many doggy (and sometimes human only) events and activities.  Here is how we like to cover our bases!

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

FUN:  Art galleries, playgroups, doggy spas, shopping, parks, dog runs, parties . . . and sometimes just snuggling on the couch!  Check the calendar to see many “fun” events you may want to check out!

PHILANTHROPY:  We conduct home visits for Yorkie 911 Rescue.  What does this mean?  We visit potential doggy adopters in their homes to see if they are fit doggy parents.  We meet their current pets and other family members.  (We also get to see lots of cool real estate!) We make several visits a month, but each visit is less than 30 minutes.  This is a very easy way to give back to the doggy community!  Contact your favorite rescue group or shelter and ask how you can sign up. 

FOOD: Smorgasburg opened last weekend and we were there!  The Saturday location is not dog friendly . . . but Sunday’s beautiful river setting in the Tobacco Warehouse in DUMBO does allow pups.  Arrive early because it gets extremely crowded.  Small pups in bags are welcome on the East River Ferry and the Brooklyn Bridge stop is easy walking distance to Smorgasburg.

FROLICKING:  We love to frolic along the Hudson River walking paths.  The river cafe’s are beginning to open their doors now that Spring has sprung!  We love to walk from Chelsea up to The Boat Basin Cafe.  There are several dog-friendly cafe stops along the way! 

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