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16 Apr

We would love to feature some Dogs of New York on our Pup Diary blog – our friends, dogs we meet, celebrity dogs, and of course, Adoptable Dogs!  We were both adopted from shelters, so it is only fitting that we start with doggies looking for homes!

Best Friends Animal Society Event

Best Friends Animal Society Event

Where to find Adoptable Dogs in New York

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is a great resource!  They list contact information for rescue groups and shelters.  We luv Animal Haven Shelter – Cubby’s first home before she was adopted. 

The City shelter – Animal Care & Control – can’t turn away any animals, so they always have more dogs than they can care for.  Visit their Care Centers to adopt a pup! is a great source to search for a particular size or breed of dog.  Over 13,000 rescue groups have animals listed with Petfinder!

Breed-specific rescue groups are often run by volunteers who love the breed!  We work for Yorkie 911 Rescue doing home visits and occasionally fostering.  If you are looking for a specific breed, check to see if they have a rescue group.  In NY, we know there are groups for Pugs, Westies, Shibas . . . The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals has a network of breed rescue groups. 

Head to adoption events!  We love the Best Friends Animal Society Pet Super Adoption event — this year on April 26-28 at Westchester County Center.  We have volunteered at this event the past two years and we have seen just about every breed of dog for adoption!  Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days will be held in NYC on June 1 and 2. 

We know folks who have found adoptable pups on Craigslist, too.

Follow blogs like That Touch of Pit where adoptable dogs are often listed.

And remember, you can always become a foster parent before you adopt.  We luv Foster Dogs NYC

And finally – get active!  Many events showcase pups or are great places to network to learn about pups!

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