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15 Apr

We headed to the Pet News Now pet product showcase last week where we saw some of the latest and greatest items we didn’t even know we needed!  Our first stop was the Fashion Institute of Technology designers who we talked about last week.  Here are some other must-have items. 

Pawfect for Mother’s Day – the Pangea Brands Pet Toast

File this under “now I have seen everything”! The Pet Toaster is a small toaster that features 13 dog breeds and adds doggy silhouettes to toasted bread.  The toaster retails for $35.  It’s not the highest quality appliance, but it is cute!  We need the terrier toast maker!!

Pet Toast

Pet Toast

Remove Ticks Easily

We are really grossed out when it comes to ticks!  Or any blood-sucking critters for that matter!  This new product – Tick-SR is so cool!  The patented product dissolves the glue-like substance that helps the tick attach to dogs.  Best of all, you don’t have to touch the tick!  You apply the Tick-SR wipe to the tick and gently pull until it releases its hold on the dog.  The wipes are immediately going into our travel and city bags!  A necessity!! 

Tick - SR

Tick – SR

Update Your Patio

We love The Refined Canine doggy (and kitty) furniture!  And not just because Cubby is one of their models!  We especially love the space-saving doggy den and side table combo.  The outdoor dog chaise lounger offers protection from the sun.  New items include cute fish tanks.  Josh is also active in the animal community and has donated products to animal shelters including Animal Haven

The Refined Canine new Fish Tanks

The Refined Canine new Fish Tanks

Sleep Tight

We bought “Sleeps with Dogs” human pillow cases from a boutique hotel last summer.  We love them and even gave a set to a friend as a gift.  So we were happy to see Dog SnorZ pillow cases at the show.  With a 330 thread count, they are soft and have cute sayings such as “The Dog Sleeps Here”.  The company just launched late last year and they have already received lots of good press.   Check their web site for retail locations. 

Tito will sleep tight!

Tito will sleep tight!

Yummy Treats

When we walked into the room, our noses were in heaven!  What were we smelling?  Life is Grruff dog treats!!  They should bottle that aroma.  We love these treats.  And that is a big compliment coming from small dogs.  You know we are often picky eaters . . .  The Liverlicious is our fave.

Life is Grruff

Life is Grruff

Clean Air

We already wrote a brief review on the CritterZone Air Purifier.  This compact air purifier is pawfect for every home, office, and apartment.  Unless I am smelling Life is Grruff doggy treats, I don’t want to smell anything.  BOL! 

We are excited to try the samples we received and let you know how they work.  The Wahl no-rinse waterless shampoo is first on our list to try. Being a therapy pup, we have to be clean!  This will be a great product to add to our routine.  We are going to ask our vet about the VetIQ VetGuard monthly flea and tick treatment.  We love to save money whenever we can and this looks like a great product to try!  We are bringing the Pack n Pride treats to our Yorkie Nation Meetup group event on April 21.  We are going to see what our Yorkie friends have to say about this new line of treats and we will let you know! We are going to research the Swamp Dogs of LA line.  The items are fashioned from genuine Louisiana alligator!  Custom orders are also accepted. 

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