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I’m a therapy dog | thepupdiary.com

19 Nov

There have been so many articles recently regarding service dogs and emotional support dogs. It seems many people are faking credentials and many others are not exactly sure about the difference between therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support dogs. Over the weekend, The New York Times posted an article on emotional support dogs on planes and over 600 people commented on the article — and some not so nicely!

I'm a therapy dog

I’m a therapy dog

I am a therapy dog. I provide therapy, support, and comfort to people who do not live with me. My mom takes me to facilities so that others can benefit from my unconditional love. I do not have any legally protected status. I have to pay to ride the airplane under my mom’s seat and I have to obey all other transportation rules that apply to dogs. The Good Dog Foundation has certified me as a therapy dog so I am able to visit their partner facilities. I have to be recertified by Good Dog every year in order to work for them. I also work for A Fair Shake for Youth.

I am not a service dog: A service dog serves its handler around the clock. The dog’s handler must have a disability diagnosed by a doctor, and the dog must be able to perform an identifiable task for the handler that allows the handler to more fully participate in society. Service dogs are legally protected to accompany the person they serve in many types of transportation and establishments under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I am not an emotional support dog (although mom likes to say I give good therapy to her!): An emotional support animal assists its handler without any special training or identifiable task. The handler must have a documented disability with a prescription for an emotional support animal from a mental health or medical professional. Emotional support animals have very limited legal protection, such as on air transportation with medical documentation and in permanent housing cases in NYC.

Animal Medical Center’s Living Legends Luncheon | thepupdiary.com

7 May

The Animal Medical Center held their Fifth Annual Living Legends Luncheon this afternoon at the Harmonie Club on East 60th Street. Pet Expert, Charlotte Reed, hosted one of the tables at the invitation-only special event and mom was invited to attend. What a wonderful group of people who came together to honor some very remarkable pets and their human guardians. Of course the talented veterinarians who treated the honorees at The AMC were celebrated, too!

Animal Medical Center Living Legends Luncheon

Animal Medical Center Living Legends Luncheon

What started as a small gathering with a few people in a park 5 years ago has blossomed into a catered luncheon with over 200 attendees. “All event proceeds support The AMC’s mission to promote the health and well-being of companion animals through advanced treatment, research, and education.”

Three awards were presented this year to three very deserving animals; a Dachshund named Isabella, Magik the cat, and Pauli the Labrador who also serves as a guide dog. Each had a touching story and superior medical treatment at The AMC to help them through their illness and recovery.

Mom sat with the founder of The Good Dog Foundation, Rachel McPherson, and loved hearing her stories and commitment to animals. We will attend their annual A Fetching Affair gala on May 30.

And check out these very adorable purses by artist, Priscilla Snyder! We need one of these!!

Gorgeous custom purses by Priscilla Snyder

Gorgeous custom purses by Priscilla Snyder

The Animal Medical Center will hold their annual Paw Day pet wellness festival on May 18 this year in Carl Schurz Park at 84th Street and East End Avenue. Come out to meet some of the talented veterinarians. It is a great event with many activities!

It’s National Volunteer Week – Ideas for dog lovers | thepupdiary.com

23 Apr

We love to volunteer! It’s a great way to meet new people, learn new things, and of course, give back to the community. With volunteer week upon us, we thought we would share a few ideas where doggy lovers may want to make an impact. And remember, you don’t have to make a huge time commitment! Whether you have a free hour every day, every week, or every month, there is something for everyone! There is even an “It’s My Park Day” where you can volunteer in your fave doggy park!

Yorkie Rescue Volunteers

Yorkie Rescue Volunteers


Animal Haven Shelter hosts a Caring Kids program on Friday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:0 pm. The program introduces children and teens to basic animal care and informs them about existing issues in animal welfare.

A Fair Shake For Youth uses certified therapy dogs to teach at-risk youth dog-handling skills. The basic hands-on work is complemented by guest speakers, field trips, and videos, all of which serve to demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of dogs, the power of the animal-human bond, and help the youth develop prosocial skills and behaviors.

Unleashed is an after-school program that transforms the lives of middle school girls by involving them in all aspects of puppy rescue.


Although many therapy dogs do visit hospitals and nursing homes (Cubby does and she loves it!) there are so many other facilities and opportunities for you and your trained therapy dog. There are reading programs, children’s programs, support groups, and so much more!

The Good Dog Foundation promotes the use of animal-assisted therapy. Good Dog’s mission is to elevate the stature and promote society’s understanding of the therapeutic value of the human-animal bond.

The ASPCA is the East Coast Affiliate of Pet Partners, a national organization that aims to improve human health through the assistance of service and therapy animals.

Also check out Angel on a Leash.


The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals offers many great volunteer opportunities. Their website includes information and links to the Alliance Participating Organizations. We love Animal Haven Shelter where we adopted Cubby.

Animal Care & Control has simplified their training with new online courses.

Best Friends Animal Society hosts several events in the New York area every year including a huge Super Adoption event. This is a great opportunity to work directly with animals and many rescue groups and shelters. http://network.bestfriends.org/golocal/newyork/default.aspx

If you have a favorite dog breed, see if there is a breed rescue group in your area. We love Yorkie 911 Rescue and Maryland Westie Rescue. The Mayor’s Alliance does list many breed rescue groups.


Volunteer with PAWS NY to help keep people with their pets in times of need. PAWS NY helps individuals care for their pets when physical or financial barriers prevent them from doing so on their own.

Volunteer to help the Humane Society with their Pets for Life hotline. The Pets for Life NYC Program is an animal surrender prevention program dedicated to helping people resolve problems that could otherwise lead them to surrender their pets to the city’s animal shelter system. http://www.humanesociety.org/community/volunteers/volunteer_petsforlife_nyc.html


Volunteering away from the city can seem like a vacation! Check out:

Hike with an Adoptable Dog with Discover Outdoors.

Farm Sanctuary

Glen Highland Farm

Woodstock Farm


Check volunteer databases for opportunities. VolunteerMatch is a great place to start.

Wordless Wednesday | thepupdiary.com

17 Apr

Off to work with A Fair Shake for Youth!

Dear Diary. It’s me, Cubby | thepupdiary.com

15 Mar

We made a short video for the Dog of Hamann – Canine Lifestyle Fashion Award nominations. We had to summarize what we do in less than three minutes. That was ruff since we are always so active and on the go! Of course, mom left lots of important information out of the final version! But we did have fun going through photos and putting it together.