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Sweater weather is going to the dogs |

24 Sep

Our mom is thrilled with the selection of animal-themed sweaters in the stores this season! She is like a kid in a candy store trying to decide which animal sweaters to get! Luckily they are at all price points this season — from Milly to C. Wonder to JCPenney, Old Navy, French Connection, Joe Fresh and Anthropologie.

Some of our faves:

Look-a-like sweater

Look-a-like sweater at JCPenney

C Wonder terrier sweater

C Wonder terrier sweater


Cute pup at Anthropologie

Cute pup at Anthropologie

The famous sweater pony!

The famous sweater pony!

It’s Fashion Week! 7 fashion items every dog needs |

10 Sep

It’s fashion week in New York City! Runway shows, pawties, models, glitz and glam . . . we’ll attend the annual Celebrity Catwalk Paws & PJs fashion week pawty this weekend. (We sleep in our birthday suits by the way!)

The NYC fashion industry employs thousands of people and generates lots of money. For pets, the projected 2013 total U.S. spending is estimated at $55 billion ! Just think of all of the doggy loot we could buy with that money! Of course that number includes vet care, food, etc., but doggy clothing and accessory designing and manufacturing are still big business. SuperZoo had a special Rodeo Drive fashion-centric neighborhood at their recent show with hundreds of fashion items for Fido and Fluffy.

While you’ll never see us spend a lot of money on dog clothing, we do own a few unique pieces for special occasions. (We would rather spend our doggy allowance on trips and travel!) Besides a great leash, collar and harness, we do think every pup should have some basic items for comfort and safety.

7 Fashion Items Every Dog Needs

Doggy ID Tag/License
New York City is increasing their efforts to license all pups. It’s now possible to register your pup for a dog license at some upcoming events. And don’t go out without a simple dog tag with a phone number.

Life Jacket
If you’ll be in or near the water, all pups need a life jacket. Paws Aboard has some great options. Your local PetSmart and Petco usually carry life vests, too.

Life Jacket

Life Jacket

Reflective Gear
Whether it is on your leash, collar, or clothing — if you’ll be outside walking at night, make sure you have some type of reflective gear so people will be able to see you.

Cooling Jacket
We love the cooling coat we bought this year. MustLuvDogs is our favorite brand for this item. It not only has the best fit, it also offers the most coverage. The water-activated coat absorbs and retains water to provide instant cooling for your dog. And it works!!

Wearing a t-shirt and sunscreen

Wearing a t-shirt and sunscreen

Sun Protection
We burn and freckle just like humans do! If we will be out in the sun, we often wear a t-shirt and sun protection. Epi-Pet makes a great sunscreen for animals.

Winter Coat
Baby it’s cold outside in the winter! We like a basic coat that keeps us warm and dry. Orvis has a sporty option.

Protective shoes
If it snows in the city, there is sidewalk salt everywhere! Pawz Dog Boots are easy to use and inexpensive.

We’re on Pet Life Radio with PawVogue |

17 Jul

Our friend, Cuba from PawVogue, asked to interview us for his popular radio show on Pet Life Radio. We barked about our travels, our time on the hit reality show Doggie Moms, some of our favorite events, and doggy fashion. It was a fun show and we were happy to share some of our experiences and tips with Cuba! We revealed our two favorite doggy vacation destinations and more! You’ll have to listen to hear what we said!

Cuba’s upcoming Paw Talk Show radio guests include Andrea Arden and

Cuba with his dad, Bob

Cuba with his dad, Bob

Observations from a Puppy Prom |

17 Jun

We have a confession to make. This past Saturday we attended our fifth Puppy Prom! We attended the very first Salty Paw Puppy Prom several years ago – Cubby was even crowned prom queen one year! And now the most recent prom – our friends’ event this past weekend at Toyota of Manhattan. Why do we keep coming back? We love the giddy emotions that a prom evokes! Also, at this year’s event raising close to $1,500 for Metropolitan Maltese Rescue is not too shabby! And a big congratulations to the Prom King and Queen — Mr. America and Gia Marie!

Here is what we saw and heard at the New York City 2013 Puppy Prom!

Whose prom is it anyway (and does it matter)? Part of the fun of attending themed events is seeing how the guests interpret the theme in their outfit design and choice. A “puppy prom” is of course an event for the pups. But matchy-matchy human outfits add an additional entertaining element. It was fun seeing all of the coordinating gowns, jewels, and tiaras. And mom says she probably would have had more fun at her own prom had we been there with her! Some of the moms never had a chance to attend their high school proms. I bet they had more fun at this one anyway!!

Pretty in Pink: Pretty pink fairy tale gowns were everywhere! Another common theme was black. We checked Seventeen magazine to see what they had to say about 2013 prom dress trends – lace, sequins, peplum, asymmetrical, vintage, cutouts, and strapless. For a “unique” option they suggested ombre. We know the designers are always proud when their outfits “win”. Mom thinks someone should produce a doggy designer reality show! Our favorite gown was by Tammy Peace on Pretty Lily.

Cubby's gown at the prom

Cubby’s gown at the prom

To date or not to date?: We found prom dates at the 11th hour. Meaning we were at the Halo, Purely for Pets pop-up shop an hour before the prom where we met 2 other dateless male pups, Buttercup and Lucas. They asked to escort us and we said sure. Some doggy couples had coordinating outfits with tiny corsages. Many dates continued to party even after the event with dinner at cafes and drinks in lounges. We had to leave early for a pet therapy visit.

What’s next?: Just when we think we have seen every possible event on the NYC dog scene, something else comes along! And we like it that way!

Our unexpected guest at Rescues Rock the Runway |

12 Jun

Yorkie911 Rescue has placed over 400 doggies into loving homes over the past four years! Their annual Rescues Rock the Runway event, held this past weekend at the Hauppauge Sheraton Hotel, was the pawfect place to celebrate and help raise money for even more success stories! And truth be told, the Yorkie folks sure do know how to host a great event! Food, fashion, friends, fun giveaways, and over fifty great raffle baskets! A fun day on Long Island for a great cause.

Yorkie911 Rescue - Rescues Rock the Runway

Yorkie911 Rescue – Rescues Rock the Runway

Adopted dogs took center stage wearing gorgeous fashions by Toni Mari Designs, NemiCouture, Chick-a-Bow-Wow, and Vienna Couture Canine. All outfits were available for sale after the runway show with a portion of the proceeds donated to Yorkie911 Rescue. We loved meeting the designers and seeing their fashions up close and personal. PawVogue came out to check out the show and take fashion photos.

Fashionistas at Rescues Rock the Runway

Fashionistas at Rescues Rock the Runway

We had a surprise visitor- a tick! We found the critter on Ginger’s belly as we were leaving. Mom applied a vial of Frontline Plus to Ginger’s neck and the tick jumped off onto the couch where mom caught it. We called the vet who said the tick could start to spread disease only after 24 hours of attachment. He told us to apply Frontline every 3 weeks if we will visit Connecticut or Long Island, where ticks are becoming resistant sooner than the 4-week recommended dosage. Our doggy friends recommended Earth Animal Internal Powder so we will give it a try! Of course, we had just attended a Lyme disease event and mom did not take her own advice! She screamed and flushed the tick down the toilet . . . We heard it is going to be a very bad tick season in our area so we need to get prepared!

We love Yorkie911 Rescue because they truly love the dogs! They are a group of volunteers with a passion for helping pups. They are always looking for volunteers to foster, visit homes of potential adopters, help at doggy adoption events, and other tasks. Join their team for the upcoming Strut Your Mutt on September 28 in NYC– an annual dog walk and fair on the Hudson River!

With Heidi Walker, President of Yorkie 911 Rescue

With Heidi Walker, President of Yorkie 911 Rescue