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Dog vacation on Hilton Head Island | thepupdiary.com

8 May

We love it when a vacation exceeds our expectations. And that is certainly true when it comes to our week adventure on Hilton Head Island! We thought the island was one big golf course. Instead we found dog-friendly beaches, great restaurants (some allowed dogs on their outdoor patios), beautiful scenery, hiking paths, lots of animal viewing (alligators- yikes!), and very friendly people. Oh, very beautiful sunsets, too!

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island

Getting there: We drove from NYC . . . it took about 14 hours and we stopped in DC along the way. We loved the Kurgo Booster Seat we used as a safe car seat.

Where we stayed: We rented a house in the Land’s End area of the Island in the Sea Pines Plantation — the very end of the Island on a rustic beach with great animal viewing. The house was listed on VRBO, but is now for sale so no longer available . . . There are several dog-friendly hotels. We toured the beachfront Omni and it was nice.

Land's End House on HHI

Land’s End House on HHI

When we traveled: We traveled in the off season so we would have fewer doggy beach restrictions and fewer tourists, too! Dogs are not allowed on the beaches from 10 am to 5 pm during peak season which is Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. We also did not want the really HOT summer heat. Our May weather was pleasant and around 70 each day.

Activities: We hit the beach every day- HHI has over 12 miles of sandy beaches! Dogs were allowed around the clock since it was the off season. HHI has the ocean beaches and also more rustic Calibogue Sound and Intracoastal beaches. We watched the dolphins swim by several times each day. We saw the horseshoe crabs crawl back to the water each day. We saw alligators, crabs, jelly fish, and many other small critters. The Sea Pines Plantation has a beautiful nature area where leashed dogs are welcome to hike with their owners. Many shops on HHI allowed the dogs and we found a few restaurants where dogs could dine with us outside. We love Hudson’s on the Docks and ate there 2 times for great seafood! We were also lucky to visit with our doggy friends, Millie LaRue, Tulip, Addie Mae, and Katie at their house on the Island!

Meeting up with Millie LaRue!

Meeting up with Millie LaRue!

Day trips: Savannah, Georgia is about an hour drive from HHI and seemed very dog friendly. Shopping, walking tours, boat excursions, outdoor restaurants . . . Savannah is a beautiful city to visit for a day trip.

Product review: Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat | thepupdiary.com

6 May

The Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat we got a few weeks ago worked perfectly on our recent road trip to Hilton Head Island!

Ginger loves her Kurgo seat

Ginger loves her Kurgo seat

The seat can accommodate pets up to 30 lbs. Here is our feedback:

What we love about the Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat
-Super easy and quick to install in your car. Simply slip the straps around the car seat and headrest. (Took me less than 1 minute to install.)
-Easily collapses for storage. Yay! No bulky item taking up closet space!
-Adjustable strap to attach to Ginger’s harness to keep her in the seat.
-Washable liner
-Enough room in the seat for Ginger to sit or sleep. (I think a dog over 15 lbs would not be able to sleep in this due to the seat size. Ginger weighs less than 10 lbs.)
-Keeps the pups safe and secure in the car!!

What we would change about the Booster Seat
-The metal structural support is great . . . but there should be added padding to that part of the seat so it is softer for the pups.
-While it was super easy to install, it did take me longer to remove it from the car. (Only a minute or two.) It was harder to pull the straps up over the seat.

Bottom Line: Great car seat option for small dogs. Ginger loved it!
Cost: $60
Where to buy: Kurgo.com

Dogs of New York – Tasha Bella the Manhattan Morkie | thepupdiary.com

19 Apr

We are excited to interview and profile Dogs of New York! Our first post featured New York’s Adoptable Dogs. Today we would like to interview our doggy friend and television star, Tasha Bella the Manhattan Morkie! She is on Twitter @ManhattanMorkie and she also has a Facebook page.  Tasha and her mom, Susan, star on the debut episode of Nat Geo Wild’s Spoiled Rotten Pets with Beth Stern this Saturday, April 20 at 9 pm.

Introducing Tasha Bella!!

Tasha Bella Photo Credit: Susan Godwin

Tasha Bella
Photo Credit: Susan Godwin

Q. How did you get your name?
A. My real name is Natasha but my friends call me Tasha, for short. I am named after one of my Mom’s favorite actresses, Natalie Wood – whose real name is Natasha Gurdin.

What neighborhood do you call home?
I live in Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood of Manhattan – that actually makes me neighbors with Cubby and Ginger!!

Favorite dog-friendly NYC spot?
My favorite dog-friendly NYC spot is definitely Shake Shack!! They have yummy hamburgers that Mom shares with me – and we have a lot of Pup Scout meetings there, so it’s always a fun time! Tribeca Grand Lounge is a very chic place to go, too.

Favorite day trip from NYC?
I actually haven’t been out of NY that much, unless it’s far away, I’ve been on lots of planes – but a day trip, hmmmm, does Brooklyn count? I love Coney Island – they have the best hot dogs!

Do you have any pet peeves?
Oh yes – my pet peeve is being forced to ride in a car!! I hate cars! I pant and shake the entire ride! But what Mom thinks is funny is that I love the subway and buses! BOL I guess I’m just a city girl at heart!

Human peeves?
When humans use that vacuum thing – that’s the only time you’ll hear me bark! I hate vacuums!!

What do you like to eat?
I eat Artemis dry food and Stella & Chewy’s and Natural Balance – but I REALLY like to eat turkey and vanilla ice cream!!!!!!

If you could break bread with any doggy (past or present) who would that be?
I would love to break bread with Freeway, from “Hart to Hart” – Mom watches the DVDs of that show and Freeway is one cool dude!

Any famous humans you would like to meet?
I’ve been pretty lucky with meeting some great actresses, because my Mom is in the business. She’s introduced me to dog loving, Broadway legends Chita Rivera and Bernadette Peters and wonderful actress, Valerie Harper – who is the person who told Mom, years ago, that she should get a dog, so she got me!

Tasha is a Pup Scout Photo Credit:  Susan Godwin

Tasha is a Pup Scout
Photo Credit: Susan Godwin

Birthday suit or dressed to the K-nines?
Dressed to the K-nines of course!! I wouldn’t feel right walking around naked! BOL

Designer duds or off the rack?
Designer Duds!! I started with off the rack, as a puppy – but once you start with designer duds, there’s no going back!

Favorite doggy charity?
I love Yorkie 911 Rescue, not just because I’m half Yorkie, they help lots of doggies besides Yorkies.
I also like Celebrity Catwalk and Broadway Barks! Too hard to pick just one Favorite doggy charity.

What is one thing other pups probably don’t know about you?
That I’m engaged!! BOL Just kidding – everyone knows that already! BOL
But maybe they didn’t know that my real name is Natasha. Or that I have a stroller that I’ve never used! (Maybe this will shame Mom into using it!)

Upcoming summer plans?
OMD, so many plans! After Blog Paws, we have ZZ and Pebbles Disco Party, then Yorkie 911 Fundraiser, then Dexter and Zoes wedding in CT – then I want to visit Gramma & Grampa in NH – I am going to be one busy doggie this summer!

Any new doggy products you can recommend?
We just found Dawn Diesler’s new line of dog carriers, Bespoke Canine!! They are so lightweight and pretty – and the best part is the inter-changeable handles, to match ALL our outfits! So cool!

Thank you so much, Tasha, for being a great doggy to interview!!  We will watch you on Spoiled Rotten Pets this Saturday, April 20 at 9 pm!!

New pet products perfect for summer | thepupdiary.com

15 Apr

We headed to the Pet News Now pet product showcase last week where we saw some of the latest and greatest items we didn’t even know we needed!  Our first stop was the Fashion Institute of Technology designers who we talked about last week.  Here are some other must-have items. 

Pawfect for Mother’s Day – the Pangea Brands Pet Toast

File this under “now I have seen everything”! The Pet Toaster is a small toaster that features 13 dog breeds and adds doggy silhouettes to toasted bread.  The toaster retails for $35.  It’s not the highest quality appliance, but it is cute!  We need the terrier toast maker!!

Pet Toast

Pet Toast

Remove Ticks Easily

We are really grossed out when it comes to ticks!  Or any blood-sucking critters for that matter!  This new product – Tick-SR is so cool!  The patented product dissolves the glue-like substance that helps the tick attach to dogs.  Best of all, you don’t have to touch the tick!  You apply the Tick-SR wipe to the tick and gently pull until it releases its hold on the dog.  The wipes are immediately going into our travel and city bags!  A necessity!! 

Tick - SR

Tick – SR

Update Your Patio

We love The Refined Canine doggy (and kitty) furniture!  And not just because Cubby is one of their models!  We especially love the space-saving doggy den and side table combo.  The outdoor dog chaise lounger offers protection from the sun.  New items include cute fish tanks.  Josh is also active in the animal community and has donated products to animal shelters including Animal Haven

The Refined Canine new Fish Tanks

The Refined Canine new Fish Tanks

Sleep Tight

We bought “Sleeps with Dogs” human pillow cases from a boutique hotel last summer.  We love them and even gave a set to a friend as a gift.  So we were happy to see Dog SnorZ pillow cases at the show.  With a 330 thread count, they are soft and have cute sayings such as “The Dog Sleeps Here”.  The company just launched late last year and they have already received lots of good press.   Check their web site for retail locations. 

Tito will sleep tight!

Tito will sleep tight!

Yummy Treats

When we walked into the room, our noses were in heaven!  What were we smelling?  Life is Grruff dog treats!!  They should bottle that aroma.  We love these treats.  And that is a big compliment coming from small dogs.  You know we are often picky eaters . . .  The Liverlicious is our fave.

Life is Grruff

Life is Grruff

Clean Air

We already wrote a brief review on the CritterZone Air Purifier.  This compact air purifier is pawfect for every home, office, and apartment.  Unless I am smelling Life is Grruff doggy treats, I don’t want to smell anything.  BOL! 

We are excited to try the samples we received and let you know how they work.  The Wahl no-rinse waterless shampoo is first on our list to try. Being a therapy pup, we have to be clean!  This will be a great product to add to our routine.  We are going to ask our vet about the VetIQ VetGuard monthly flea and tick treatment.  We love to save money whenever we can and this looks like a great product to try!  We are bringing the Pack n Pride treats to our Yorkie Nation Meetup group event on April 21.  We are going to see what our Yorkie friends have to say about this new line of treats and we will let you know! We are going to research the Swamp Dogs of LA line.  The items are fashioned from genuine Louisiana alligator!  Custom orders are also accepted. 

Meet Fashion Institute of Technology pet product designers | thepupdiary.com

11 Apr

Pet News Now hosted their Home & Garden Pet Product Showcase yesterday at the Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington Avenue in East Midtown.  We got some great product samples that we will check out and review in the next coming week.  We also met the creators of the CritterZone Air Purifier.  Pretty cool since we had previously written a product review and like the product! 

We love to support up-and-coming designers, so we were thrilled to meet some of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Pet Product Design and Marketing students and graduates!

Check out this cute Statue of Liberty doggy sweatshirt and coordinating toy from Les Pets en Voyage! Abby Kass designs New York-themed clothing and toys for pets and the people who love them.  The Statue of Liberty shirt will be available later this spring at around $60.

New from Les Pets en Voyage

New from Les Pets en Voyage

We have a hard time finding nice leather leashes in fashionable colors.  Enter Bespoke Canine and their gorgeous carriers, collars, leashes, and clothing.  Love them!  The leashes have interchangeable handles and tassels.  Dawn works in fashion and knows her way around luxury materials and fabulous design.  Custom orders are also accepted. 

Bespoke Canine leashes

Bespoke Canine leashes

Designer Cheryl Jackson of Pink Diamond Paws is launching male and female doggy designs later this year.  She offers cute male outfits, which are often hard to find.  The matchy matchy male/female ensembles are fun.

Pink Diamond Paws

Pink Diamond Paws

We are buying the Stella & Me matching doggy coats and human vests!  Love them!  They are not only cute, but very practical!  The set is $110 and is made in America.

Stella & Me

Stella & Me

Very cute Asian-themed Polydactyl cat toys.  We asked if doggy toys would be launched soon?  We shall see! 

Cat Toys

Cat Toys