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Top Hat and Cocktails at the Ritz | thepupdiary.com

22 Oct

“You are a really happy dog.” That’s what the animal communicator said to me the other night at the SPCA of Westchester gala at the Ritz Carlton in White Plains. “You are grounded and you are confident. You are happy.” Well I was in a room at the Ritz surrounded by food and doggy pals. What more could a doggy dream of? I was HAPPY!

Posing with mom at the SPCA Gala

Posing with mom at the SPCA Gala

My mom brought me to the event to help raise funds for the animals at the SPCA of Westchester. This was our third time attending this event and it gets better every year! I didn’t even mind the dress mom made me wear . . . it was actually quite comfortable and kept me warm. We stalked the silent auction and won two trips for next year! We’ll be heading back to Inn by the Sea in Maine – one of our most favorite places! We also won a trip to Cape Cod at Lamb and Lion Inn – “1 of the top 12 pet-friendliest places in the world” per CNN.com!

Our friend and role model, Maria Milito, was honored at the event for all of her work helping animals.

I was dumped at a shelter | thepupdiary.com

21 Oct

The man dropped me off at a shelter in the suburbs. He said he didn’t want me anymore because I couldn’t be trained. I was peeing on his carpet and he didn’t like that . . . He didn’t even bother to walk me or have me on a schedule! How was I supposed to know when and where to pee?! I really did love the little girl in the house, but the man said I had to go.

Ginger relaxing in the sun

Ginger relaxing in the sun

I was passed around a bit in the shelter system and then came to live with my human mom. I still remember the first day I saw my mom. I came into her apartment and peed on her rug! I had a crate, a bag of icky dog food, a collar, and a leash. We walked over to the neighborhood dog store and bought a harness and some good food. My mom was a newbie and thought I would sleep in my crate. NOT! I was in her bed within two minutes of my whimpering. I have her wrapped around my paws!

So I’m not perfect. But who really is?! I bark at all kinds of people and things. I am the best barker around! One thing is certain – I am potty trained! Well, two things are certain. I am potty trained and I have the best human mom in the world! I follow her everywhere. I am her shadow.

It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month! You can find a pup just like me at your local shelter!

I was born in a puppy mill | thepupdiary.com

20 Oct

I was born on a farm in rural Virginia. My mom lived in a tiny cage and she was bred over and over again. A trainer once told me that the Westie was bred right out of me! I don’t even think my mom ever touched grass on the farm. Or looked at the sky. Or played with other pups. She had one purpose in life: have litter after litter of puppies that would be sold in pet stores around the nation.


My human mom says I was born at just the right time because a rescue mission was in the works. A group of undercover rescue workers came to the farm and documented the way the dogs were treated. More rescue groups got involved and came in and took us to shelters where we could find homes with loving people. I was brought to Animal Haven Shelter in NYC where my human mom found me. My brothers and sisters found homes, too. And my canine mom could finally be a dog in her new home! I am a tiny gal at just over 10 lbs. My Westie sister was tiny, too and she had lots of medical problems with expensive surgeries. I shudder to think what would have happened to her at the farm . . .

People have told my human mom that I don’t “count” as a rescue because I am small and cute and white . . . It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month! Head to your local shelter and you can find a pup as cute as I am!  Well, almost!  Aroooooo!

And the Golden Mutt Award goes to . . . PupScouts | thepupdiary.com

30 Sep

This past weekend we participated in the 4th annual NYC Strut Your Mutt doggy walk hosted by Best Friends Animal Society. It’s one of our favorite NYC doggy events! The walk is held on the beautiful Hudson River, it raises money to help homeless pets, and several cool vendors and organizations come out to support the walk each year.

What’s cool about this walk is that rescue groups can form “dog packs” and raise funds for their own rescue efforts. Our friends at Yorkie911 Rescue formed a dog pack and raised over $4,000 to help Yorkies in need! The top dog pack honor in NYC goes to Long Island Bulldog Rescue with a fundraising effort of over $33,000!

PupScouts accept their award! Photo credit:  Jim Ballard

PupScouts accept their award!
Photo credit: Jim Ballard

PupScouts of DPFamily Troop 4 formed a dog pack team to support Best Friends Animal Society and raised close to $2,000 — earning the Golden Mutt Award for raising the most money for BFAS! PupScouts Cubby and Ginger visited the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah over the summer and hope to make a return trip with some other PupScouts next spring after the Blog Paws conference in May.

The PupScouts, a group of philanthropic pups, have more fun and adventure up their doggy sleeves! Follow them on their website PupScouts.org. All pups are welcome to become PupScout members or to form other PupScout groups around the world!

PupScouts win Golden Mutt Award Photo Credit:  Susan Godwin

PupScouts win Golden Mutt Award
Photo Credit: Susan Godwin

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is open to visitors

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is open to visitors

French kisses in Bryant Park | thepupdiary.com

30 Sep

The Taste of France came to Bryant Park this past weekend and you know what that means. Frenchie kisses from French Bulldog rescue pups! The French Bulldog Rescue Network was on hand with a doggy kissing booth and some very adorable pups. The rescue network, a volunteer-based group, rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes French Bulldogs in need.

Le Taste of France featured special events and dozens of booths with food, wine, travel information, beauty products, and even a hot air balloon! One doggy highlight was the French Bulldog fashion show on the big stage.